Food innovation summit

october 7, 2020

9.00-16.00 UTC+3
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Online conference on the latest trends and emerging technologies in the plant-based food sector.

The language of the conference is English.

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Memphis Meats to Present at Video Conference

After experiencing the global standstill that Covid-19 created, thoughts about preventing future pandemics are gaining importance. Long before the lockdown, epidemiologists like Dr.Michael Olsterholm in his book, Deadliest Enemy: Our War Against Killer Germs, stated that the harmful treatment of animals, often in cramped and unsanitary conditions, would trigger a global pandemic. To the dismay of all humankind, Dr.Olsterholm was right. 

As leaders look to prevent another future epidemic, one distinct and effective solution is cultivated meat which bypasses the rearing of animals entirely. Cultivated meat, also known as Lab Meat, has other advantages: it’s microbiologically much cleaner, and scientists possess the know-how to modify its composition to improve human health. 


The Birth Story of a Revolutionary Startup

Uma Valeti is an American cardiologist and a Professor at Minnesota University who dedicated his life to medicine. Dr.Valeti’s expertise led him to ask an essential question: if regenerative medicine restores human tissue, then can the same medicine grow animal tissue or meat? The cardiologist believed that regenerative medicine, in fact, could grow meat and solve a problem behind several global issues. Dr.Valeti shared his idea to grow meat to everyone who would listen but found no interest. 

Dr.Valeti soon realized that cultivated meat could impact billions of people while as a cardiologist he could only help a few thousand. Thus, Memphis Meats was born to create food that benefits the environment and human health. To this day, the company cultivated chicken, beef, and duck substitutes for consumption. 


From Scepticism to Giant Investments

In the beginning, few believed in Dr.Valeti’s ideas. A breakthrough in the burgeoning industry occurred when people first tried cultivated meat. “It’s both amazing and common at the same time: it’s amazing because I know what it is and that makes it unique; at the same time, it tastes just like my everyday food,” commented a journalist who tasted cultivated chicken. By now, Memphis Meats has raised more than $180 million in investments. Investors include meat industry giants such as Tyson Foods and Cargill, but also famous philanthropists Bill Gates and Richard Branson.  


Communication as the Success Cornerstone

Memphis Meats attracted high-profile investment through a compelling communication strategy. In 2020, Memphis Meats isn’t the only cultivated meat startup on the market, but Memphis Meats leads the way in bringing their product to the consumer’s table. 

The mastermind behind Memphis Meat’s communication strategy is David Kay, the Senior Manager of Communications. As Memphis Meats took innovative measures to solve global issues, David Kay will discuss the Memphis Meat communication strategy to the Nordic food industry at the Food Innovation Summit 2020.   


About the Food Innovation Summit 2020

The Food Innovation Summit in Fall 2020 is organized by Veggie Tuesday. At the summit, marketers, wholesalers, and food producers gather from Estonia and beyond. To accommodate individuals with travel restrictions, the 3rd Annual Food Innovation Summit will take place through a video conference.